Frequently Asked Questions

1. What financial supports can I expect if I join the Project FUTSAL course?
Project FUTSAL participants may be entitled to financial supports such as Back to Education allowances. Applicants for the course should refer to and specifically the form SW70 is available to download at

2. Where can I get hard copy application forms?
You can download and print a hard copy of the form from the website. Alternatively, you can get a hard copy forms from your local job centre, VEC office or Department of Social Welfare office. You can also contact your local FAO Development officer for a form. However, applications online is the easiest way to apply.

3. What clothing / gear will I need on the course?
A tracksuit and polo shirt will be provided free of charge. Project participants should also have training kit, boots and trainers fo indoor and outdoor practise sessions.

4. I have a disability. Can I apply to participate on the Project FUTSAL programme?
Yes, all applications will be accepted and considered.

5. I left school before completing my Junior Cert. Can I apply for the course?
Generally because of the level of education delovered on the Project FUTSAL programme, it would be a requirement that applicants have completed education to Junior cert level at least. However, there are other circumstances in which applicants without formal school qualifications will be considered. These include applicants who have completed other adult or further education courses or modules too.

6. What is a FETAC major award?

7. What type of work placement can I expect?
The work placements will reflect some work similar to that delivered by FAI football in the community development officers. After completing coaching modules, students may be required to deliver coaching sessions in local clubs and schools. They may be involved in the delivery of social inclusion programmes such as late night leagues and after school drop in sessions. This is just an example of the type of work placement which may be required.

8. How much does it cost to participate in Project FUTSAL?

All courses are free of charge. The hubs are primarily funded by a partnership of the FAI, Local Authorities and Education & Training Boards. In some areas, local partnerships also make a contribution to the programme  eg. Blanchardstown Area Partnership.

SW70 Form